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It’s fine to be  w e i r d.

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14/? pictures of Sebastian Stan

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your grace is wasted in your face

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princessfiyero replied to your post: “princessfiyero replied to your post: “not a day goes by where i don’t…”:
I was gonna say shit about his singing but ran out of commenting space but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk

i almost cried when i heard him sing hallelujah

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princessfiyero replied to your post: “not a day goes by where i don’t see a picture of richard armitage and…”:
Raul’s cuter tho lbr gurl he has the like chubby cheek thing going that’s hella endearing

oh yes absolutely. i get very disappointed when i realize i’ve been fooled once again

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